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Nature Java Multiperch Premium Medium

Nature Java Multiperch Premium Medium

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Java Multi Perch Medium - a perch with several branches made of Java wood

Made from hard, very strong coffee wood, these unique perches give your cage a natural look. The Java perches provide relaxation, good support while exercising the bird's legs and muscles. Perches made of Java wood with different thicknesses prevent the bird from always having its legs in the same position, cramping and losing muscle strength as a result.

  • Premium quality!
  • Because the crooked bills hardly ever break. 
  • Easy assembly inside or outside the cage using a wing nut. 
  • Each Java branch is a 100% natural product, has its own unique and capricious natural form, and varies in size and shape.
  • Convenient wing nut clasp included for easy hanging anywhere.

Medium is suitable for small and medium-sized parrots.


Dimensions approx. Ø 3/5 cm x 25-40 cm